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Heal Your Horses

Whether you are a horse breeder, trainer or owner of any type of horses, we assure you with our divine healing that the behavior, energy and health of your horses will remain at the peak. Mood swings, injury and performance is something that we have been managing for many derby winners.


Your investment and reputation that you have put on bet for your thoroughbred is assured when you will see how spectacularly your favorite horse performs due to our divine healing. Health, mood, energy and performance will peak with our divine energy infusion into your thoroughbred. Notice the great improvement in just two weeks.


All that we will need to heal your horse is a photograph taken on a camera with at least 10 megapixel resolution and sent by email and just a tuft or hair or fur from the body sent in an envelope by courier. 


We will first find out whether what is the condition of your horse be it of your ranch, a thoroughbred or a derby winner Only if you find that your horse will heal, we will start our Divine Healing. The positive results will be visible in a week or two and you will see noticeable improvement in the mood, energy, performance and body conditions.

Divine Healing Fees

USD 150 only for full 30 days of Divine Healing.

Safe and Secure payment through PayPal

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