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  • What kind of healing technique is this?
    This is a divine healing method that sends powerful positive energies to your pets through the hairs, fur, scale or any other body sample provided by you. There is no side-effects or ill-effects of this healing and it is completely safe.
  • How long will it take my pet to get healed?
    In large majority of cases, it is usually within 1 month of healing that your pet will recover from his/her illness. This period is the critical period of recovery. Complete recovery may take upto 3 months. Also it will depend upon the severity of the illness. Post surgery healing usually takes about 2 months to get completely healed.
  • Is there any photo specification?
    Yes. The photo of your pet should be taken on any camera that has at least 20 mega pixel resolution. While taking the photo make sure that there is nothing else in the background of your pet and at least one feet of area is left all around your pet. The photo should be for the whole body and on the side where the ailment exists. Before sending photo b email please contact us.
  • How much of hair or fur should I send?
    Just a little. Just as much a pinch can hold. For your dog or cat or rabbit or rhodents just a few strands of fur is more than enough. For your fish, if you can get ine scale then thats fine or else the photo is good enough. For other animals and reptiles, sending a photo covering the entire body or the side of ailment is enough ofr us to heal your pet.
  • In which address should I send the hair/nail samples?
    Before sending the hari, nail, scale, or fur sample please make sure that your pet is not hurt. Only a few starnds of hair or fur is needed. Only a pinchful is enough. You can snip it with a small scissor. Make sure that it is sealed in a small envelope, preferably a new clean small envelope. Then put this envelope in another bigger one and send it by DHL or FEDEX to the address: Dr. Andrew Dutta Flat 14LD, Mani Tribhuvan, Nandan Kanan Road, (After Patia Square) Bhubaneswar 751024, Orissa, INDIA Please make the packet as "personal" or "non-commercial" and the relationship to the sender as "related" for easy transit across customs.
  • Should I discontinue the medication given by my pet doctor/vet?
    No. Please DO NOT discontinue the medication or therapy suggested by your licensed veteranarian or pet doctor. This divine healing is a 'complimentary' therapeutic method to assist your vets work, not to replace his professional service. However, in almost all cases we have seen that very soon the medicines prescribed by the vet becomes unnecessary within a month or so after starting our healing work. In case we are healing your pet after surgery or trauma, then getting regular check ups as per the vet's schedule is important. But yes, the need for such follow-ups will reduce soon as your pet will receover and recoup very fats with our healing energy.
  • Is there any side effects or negative effects?
    Absolutely not. This is a pure diveine energy healing method. It is pure, positive and holy. It only creates good by deleting or removing all that is negative and causing the problem. There would be no deterioration. We will tell you much early on whether the condtion will deteriorate or not in case of impending death of your pet so that you will be mentally prepared for the separation.
  • What if my pet is not healed?
    In such a scenario we will refund your fees without asking any questions. Your pet is priceless love for you and if by any chance your pet has come to its time of cross over to the other realm, then we would refund you the fees. Our enter mission is to make you and your pet stay happy forever.
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