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Heal Your Dogs

Assured Healing

Our powerful Divine Healing for dogs have worked wonders for over two centuries. No matter whatever is the health or mental condition of your dog, our Divine Healing will make him better.

We will find out at first whether your dog is in the spiritually last stage in this realm or not. If he is not in the time to "pass over", we will get him back to your lap.


All that we will need to heal your dog is a photograph taken on a camera with at least 10 megapixel resolution and sent by email and few strands of hair of your dog sent in an envelope by courier. 


We will first find out whether your dog will heal or not. Only if you find that your dog will heal, we will start our Divine Healing for your dog. The results will be visible in a week or two.

Divine Healing Fees

USD 150 only for full 30 days of Divine Healing.

Safe and Secure payment through PayPal

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