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Fish & Aquatics

Heal Your Fishes

No matter how common or exotic your fishes are and whether they are in your aquarium, bowl or a pond, anyone or all of your fishes can be healed by us for practically any condition.

Fishes in Your Pond

We can heal your pond full of fishes if you so wish. All we will need is the photo and one scale of an ailing fish from your pond. 


We can also go for selective healing for a type of fish in your pond.

Just let us know what you want.


All that we will need to heal your fish is a photograph taken on a camera with at least 10 megapixel resolution and sent by email and one scale of your fish sent in an envelope by courier. 


We will first find out whether your fish or fishes will heal or not. Only if you find that your fish will heal, we will start our Divine Healing for your fish. The positive results will be visible in a week or two.

Divine Healing Fees

USD 150 only for full 30 days of Divine Healing.

Safe and Secure payment through PayPal

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